‘Stay Tuned, Everybody’: A Defiant Trump Teases Big Announcement at Ohio Rally


Donald Trump has been under serious pressure due to politicized DOJ investigations ranging from his role in the January 6 riots to a legal dispute over ‘classified’ documents to the workings of his Save America PAC campaign arm.


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But a defiant Trump was unfazed at a political rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday night where he teased an announcement about his political ambitions.

“And we’re leading Biden now in all the polls and we’re leading also all Republicans by record numbers,” Trump said. “The Republicans are not doing too well. And now, after what happened and watching our country go to hell, we may have to do it again. May just have to do it again. Stay tuned, everybody, stay tuned.”


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“And we’re up,” Trump added. “We’re way up in this great state. But first we have to win a historic victory for the Republican party. This November, we have to do it. We have to swamp ’em ’cause they cheat like hell among our highest priorities must be to end the nightmare.”

“Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have done deliberately creating chaos on an open border,” he added. “I thought they were, I don’t know. Can that be good politics? When you look and you see millions of people just walking into our country, you know, somebody said they do it for — first of all, I’m doing so well with a Hispanic vote. I think most of those people are going to vote for me and a lot of Republicans.”

“Wouldn’t that be funny? Wouldn’t that be nice?” he asked, rhetorically. “They let in millions and millions of people and they vote for Trump. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

“The radical Democrat Congress has turned our country into one giant sanctuary for dangerous criminal aliens,” Trump added. “In the Republican Party, we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law abiding citizens who love America.”

“And if we are going to Make America Great Again, our first task is to Make America Safe Again,” Trump said.

You can watch Donald Trump’s Ohio rally in full via his Rumble channel:

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