As Biden Says That “The Banking System Is Safe” Trading Halted For Multiple U.S. Bank Stocks At Market Open

In a surprising move, several major U.S. banks experienced a trading halt at market open on Monday morning, causing confusion and concern among investors. The banks affected by the trading halt included JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo,… Continue Reading

Ted Cruz: “I have never seen in my life two years a government do this much damage to the country, we’re gonna end up with a majority in the range of 30 to 50 seats”

Ted Cruz put President Joe Biden on notice and telling him and his hapless Vice President that the American people are about to issue a historic rebuke of their first two years in office. Ted said: “The top three issues… Continue Reading

REPORT: Independent Voters In Key States Far More Aligned With Republicans, Not Biden And Democrats

In political news, people often talk about the left and the right, but it is the people in the middle who often decide elections. According to new polling, Independent voters in key states are far more in line with Republicans… Continue Reading

‘Stay Tuned, Everybody’: A Defiant Trump Teases Big Announcement at Ohio Rally

Donald Trump has been under serious pressure due to politicized DOJ investigations ranging from his role in the January 6 riots to a legal dispute over ‘classified’ documents to the workings of his Save America PAC campaign arm. But a… Continue Reading