BUSTED! McCarthy CAUGHT Spending MILLIONS To Defeat MAGA Republicans!


UAFReport| Daniel| I believe that the Republican Party is making a concerted effort to distance itself from President Trump, which is something that is starting to come across pretty clearly.


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There are a number of RINOs in Congress, and it doesn’t appear like they will be leaving anytime soon, at least not the majority of them. While some, like Liz Cheney, are undoubtedly on their way out of Congress, there are still others who have been operating covertly that we aren’t even aware of.

However, there is a genuine attempt being made by GOP lawmakers to not only distance themselves from President Trump but also to try and stop his devoted supporters from entering Congress.


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Rep. Kevin McCarthy has been aggressively attempting to stop a certain Republican from winning her New Hampshire primary. So much so that he has actually invested $5,000,000 to prevent her from winning.

RINOs First did this to Kari Lake in Arizona trying to prevent her from winning as well as in Missouri to Eric Greitens. Now they’re trying to do the same thing to Karoline Leavitt in New Hampshire.

Only time will tell whether or not these tactics work against Leavitt. While they didn’t work in Arizona they did work in Missouri.

I really wish that politics wasn’t the way that it is currently. I wish that there weren’t endless amounts of money to spend on campaign ads that packed other candidates. I wish everything could be held and decency and let more debates happen where people can actually evaluate who they think will better handle certain issues that they feel are important to them. But today it’s just a big money game and it doesn’t even have to be raised by people inside your own state. This is something that we see with the Democrat a lot. Just look at Stacey Abrams if you need an example because a lot of the money that she has raised his come from outside of Georgia.

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