Trump Jr. Erupts On Ron DeSantis


Donald Trump Jr. slammed Florida’s Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, for not publicly making any comments about the exit of Tucker Carlson former Fox News host from the network.


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In a tweet on Sunday, Trump Jr. pointed out that it had been close to a week since “Fox News fired Tucker Carlson,” and that DeSantis had still not made any statements about it.

On April 24, in a surprise statement, Fox News noted that Carlson would be leaving the network effective immediately and that his last show was aired on April 21. His departure had a big impact on the network, with viewers in his previously allotted time slot having decreased by 50 percent. Carlson’s exit from the network came a few days after Fox News settled the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit.


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As part of the settlement, Fox News has to pay $787 million. Carlson was a central figure in the defamation lawsuit, with many of his private text messages from 2021 being released during the discovery. In some of these messages, Carlson claimed to “passionately” hate former President Donald Trump.

In his set of tweets, Trump Jr. alleged that DeSantis is afraid of board of directors of Fox News’s parent company, which includes former House Speaker Paul Ryan. As Trump Jr. noted, DeSantis had previously “flip-flopped on Ukraine because of his donors, so I guess it’s unsurprising that he’s afraid to cross Paul Ryan & Fox.” Trump’s post has received more than 2,000 replies since its posting.

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