The First Lady breaks her silence, telling the media to pound sand: “In these articles, unnamed sources are cited to bolster the author’s claims”


Melania Trump broke her silence Tuesday and told the media to go pound sand over assumptions about her stance on personal and political matters surrounding former President Donald Trump. 


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In a statement posted to Twitter, the Office of Melania Trump said: “News organizations have made assumptions about the former First Lady’s stance on subjects that are personal, professional, and political over the past few weeks. 

“In these articles, unnamed sources are cited to bolster the author’s claims. We ask readers to exercise caution and good judgment when determining whether or not stories concerning the former First Lady are accurate, particularly when they fail to cite Mrs. Trump as a source of information.”


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One Twitter user said: “We know what they do. We’ve got your back.”

Another said: “Don’t concern yourself with it. Liberals will try to rustle your feathers. 

“They like to stir up dissension. Don’t let it phase you. 

“Walk tall with confidence and dignity, like you always do. 

“Be proud that you are always the smartest and the most beautiful woman in any situation.”

The former president’s legal woes continue this week as he is scheduled to return to New York for a deposition Thursday in a business fraud lawsuit filed against him and his company by the state’s attorney general, according to a person familiar with the matter.

It will be Trump’s first trip to New York City since his arraignment last week on felony charges in a separate criminal case.

Trump is expected to face questioning at New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office in lower Manhattan, according to the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter and did so on condition of anonymity.

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