New Report Says Musk Has Made Offer To Continue With Twitter Deal…Here’s The Lowdown


Billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly offered to continue with his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, once again reversing course, according to a proposal that was first obtained by the folks over at Bloomberg. This is one of those stories that is full of twists and turns so who knows for sure if things are going to go through this time. We all wait with our breath held, because if Musk does indeed finish the buyout and take control over Twitter, it will result in massive changes for the platform.


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Many of these changes could end up benefiting those who use the social media giant’s platform to spread information and for the free expression of political opinions. Twitter, along with many other major social media networks, has been accused of censoring individuals who dare to stand up against the progressive narrative being pushed by propaganda makers on the left.

We’ve seen major political and cultural figures who lean right be banned for speaking their minds on issues like the COVID vaccine, the 2020 election, abortion, and many other topics. Even former President Donald Trump was censored and banned permanently from Twitter.


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According to Axios“This could preempt a trial that had been scheduled for October, tied to Musk’s efforts to walk away from his original acquisition agreement. Musk reportedly is maintaining his $54.20 per share offer price, although it’s not clear if he’s requesting any other term changes. It remains possible that Twitter would reject Musk’s proposal, were it to differ from the original merger agreement.”

The Washington Post is reporting that the board for Twitter is currently considering Musk’s offer, which came overnight. However, they are taking their time on crafting a response because they are concerned that it might just be a legal ploy.

Axios also reported, “Twitter stock has been suspended from trading, after jumping more than 11% on the Bloomberg report to $47.93 per share.”

“Musk’s original argument for terminating the merger was that Twitter allegedly had undercounted the number of bots, or fake accounts, on the platform. He later amended his complaint to include claims from a Twitter whistleblower that the company misled regulators about its efforts to reduce spam and protect Twitter from security threats,” the report continued.

Some individuals believe that this new offer from Musk signals that he’s lost confidence in his legal case, as he’s experienced a number of procedural losses in court already. Other sources who are close to Musk have stated there’s a good chance he knew he’d lose at the trial and that he would once again pivot in order to prove to those who think he overpaid that they were wrong in their assumptions.

As of this writing, a spokesperson for Twitter has yet to return a request that was made for comment concerning the offer Musk made.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this drama concludes, but the one thing we know for sure is that Twitter has most definitely been in the business of suppressing the opinions of folks on the right. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. It would be nice for everyone to have an opportunity to use the platform to promote free speech and share their thoughts and opinions openly.

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