Hillary Clinton Shill John Harwood Out At CNN


CNN White House correspondent John Harwood is leaving the network. Harwood is infamous for exhibiting a bias against the GOP as a debate moderator.


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During a 2015 GOP presidential primary debate on CNBC, where he worked before moving CNN, he was accused of being biased against the GOP and shilling for Hillary Clinton.

Emails later surfaced in 2016 that showed there was a close relationship between Harwood and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In one email Harwood asked Hillary’s campaign chief what questions to ask during the GOP debate.


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Harwood said:

“Personal news: today’s my last day at CNN proud of the work thanks to my colleagues I’ve been lucky to serve the best in American media – St. Petersburg Times, WSJ, NYT, the NBC family, CNN look forward to figuring out what’s next.”

Stephen L. Miller said:

“John Harwood was selected to moderate a GOP primary debate, then emailed Clinton campaign chief John Podesta about what questions he should ask. 

“He should have been long unemployed years ago and maybe the GOP has learned their lesson about debates now.”

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