‘Absurdity’: Megyn Kelly Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Pandering’ Praise Of ‘WAP’


Megyn Kelly slammed former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying that she was “just pandering” when she praised the vulgar “WAP” song by Cardi B featuring rapper Megan Thee Stallion during her Apple TV series “Gutsy.”


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During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Tuesday, the host was speaking with GB News host Nigel Farage about Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The two agreed that society is losing people like the late monarch, who Kelly said showed a “a quiet dignity and class,” and in their place, we are getting “narcissism and selfie culture.”

“Hillary Clinton, okay, the only female presidential candidate, Democratic nominee that we’ve ever had decides to comment on this [WAP] because she’s trying to launch a new digital series with her daughter [Chelsea Clinton],” Kelly explained.


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“And instead of saying, ‘you know, there’s certain things that I think cross over when it comes to class, when it comes to representation and role modeling for young girls,’” the host added. “She [Clinton] decides to pretend that she’s an embracer of it — which I don’t believe. I think she’s just pandering.”

The former Fox News host then played a clip from the Apple show of the former secretary of state as she “gushed” over the song, as The Daily Wire previously reported.


Kelly also said hearing former first daughter Chelsea Clinton call the song about a [wet a** p****] “fierce” and more was laughable. In the video, the first daughter tells the rapper that “it’s great to see women be so, kind of, fierce.”

“Oh my God, the absurdity of Chelsea Clinton, who’s literally accomplished nothing, piping in with ‘it’s great to see women be so fierce’ as though this is some profundity that we’re supposed to move on thinking about, Nigel,” the host shared.

Farage agreed, calling it “absolutely ludicrous.”

Kelly then noted that a few days earlier, Hillary Clinton compared Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to the late queen following news of the monarch’s death.

“To say she reminds her of Queen Elizabeth [II],” the host laughed. “I’m like oh, my god, how out of touch can you be.”

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